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University Circular regarding Examination Postponement
FY/SY BA/BCOM/BSC/IT/BMS/BMM Sem I to IV Exam Fee Mar-2020

Degree College - Arts

FIRST YEAR B. A. (Sem I & Sem II)

In take Capacity - 360

(Each paper of 100 marks - 25 Marks Internal & 75 Marks External)


Before selecting papers IV, V and VI students should note that at present, at the T.Y.B.A. level the college offers only 3 papers in the subjects of A.I.C. and Education. Also, the college does not have Sociology, Psychology and Sanskrit at the T.Y.B.A. level.

Paper I - Foundation Course - I / N.C.C. Studies (Only avilable to NCC Cadets)

Paper II - Communication Skills in English

Paper III - Marathi or Hindi

Paper IV - Economics / History / English / Hindi / Sanskrit

Paper V - Political Science / Ancient Indian Culture (A.I.C.) / Geography / Philosophy

Paper VI - Marathi / Education / Psychology / Sociology / Gujarati



(Each paper of 100 marks - 25 Marks Internal & 75 Marks External)

A student is required to select eight papers as given below :

  1. Foundation course - II / N.C.C. Studies (only available to NCC cadets)
  2. Two papers in each of the three optional subjects offered at F.Y.B.A. (as per the scheme available in this college)
  3. General Applied component (one paper)
    Mass Communication OR Advertising


THIRD YEAR B. A. (Sem V & Sem VI)

(Each paper of 100 marks - 25 Marks Internal & 75 Marks External)

  1. A student is required to select one Major subject with 6 papers or two Major subjects with 3 papers each. The Major subject should be one/two of the optional subjects offered by the student at S.Y.B.A. Each paper will carry 100 marks. Total marks 600.
  2. The subjects offered are
    1. 6 - paper Major Subjects :
      1. English
      2. Marathi
      3. Hindi
      4. Economics
      5. Philosophy
      6. History
      7. Political Science
      8. Geography
      9. Ancient Indian Culture (A.I.C.)
      10. Education
    2. 3 - paper Major Subjects :
      1. History and A. I. C.
      2. Political Science and Education
      3. Philosophy and Education
      4. A. I. C. and Education
      5. History and Education