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About the Event

For the very first time PARADIGMa unique one day fest organized by Department Of Microbiology on 3rd February, 2017 in the auditorium of Sathaye College. The event was an attempt to bring social and cultural awareness among the young minds of the students and initiate the communication over sensitive topics of the society.

Paradigm means a standards or a set of ideas. True to its meaning, groups of students were given social issues to elaborate on with their own unique ideas. These were then presented to the rest of the students and the panel of the judges. The event began at 8 AM with an introductory speech by Dr. Shilpa Jadhav, In charge of the Microbiology Department. Then TYBSc students took the stage to present salient topics like ‘ A struggle for dignity Awareness On Cleanliness Female Empowerment’ by a means of small skit and PowerPoint presentations.

Later the SYBSc students also addressed pivotal topics. Dramatic presentations were given on topics like euthanasia‘conservation of Biodiversity through wildlife photography Live the noble way and  An unlikely Superhero. Each group was given 20 minutes to exhibits their topics and make an impact though it on the young minds of all students. Every presentation was critiqued by the judges and the students themselves in manner of an open discussion.

Paradigm was an attempt to break the silent barriers of society and prime students about the current social and cultural issues. It also encouraged students to take a short break from academics and develop confidence and exhibit their talents of dance, drama and elocution. The overall event was a tremendous success