Degree Certificate Distribution Function
T.Y. Bsc.I.T./B.M.S./ B.M.M, MA/Msc Sem-II and IV March-2019 University Exam Form Submition
H.S.C. Practical Examination Feb/Mar 2019
H.S.C. Oral Examination Feb/Mar 2019


About the Event

Microfiesta is a new venture started by the department of Microbiology in the year 2014. It focusses on giving scope to the creative edge of students thus arranged an model making competition named MICROEXHIBITS to make working cellular models with waste and organic biodegradable materials . The theme for the event was Emerging infectious diseases and Waste water treatment. For all the three days loads of students and faculty flooored the exhibitions thus getting information from our tallented budding microbiologist